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This site contains a collection of 103 texts. They represent the first half century (1527–1576) of Hungarian typography.
The first version of the collection was made between 2001 and 2005. The texts were typed in manually. A 240 000 words' (more than 1 200 000 characters) plain text corpus (stored in TXT-files) was compiled in this manner.*
TEI-XML version of the files were made between 2008–2010. First a TEI header was added to every file, after that, the bodies and sheets of the pages were marked up.
The encoding of the files is in progress, our aim is to build a morphologically and syntactically annotated corpus.

*The plain text corpus was processed first in a PhD thesis written by Gyula Kalcsó, defended in 2007, in which he studied the linguistic variables of the first half century of Hungarian typography.