To display the texts of the corpus properly, it is necessary to install Andron Scriptor Web font.
This is a true type font which has been created by Andreas Stötzner specifically to display renessaince texts.
This font is fully compatible with MUFI 3.0.

You can download it for free from here.

After downloading, unzip and install it to your machine. Mac users will find the 'Andron Scriptor Web.ttf' file in the '__MACOSX' folder, others will find that in the 'AND_SCR_WEB_3.0' folder. This file must be copied to the font folder of your system.

You can choose a text using the drop-down lists on the right side of the page ('Texts of the corpus'). You can select texts by the author's or translator's name, or by RMNY number, or by title.
After choosing, click on the 'Search' button to display the text in the middle of the page. On the top of the 'Pager' you can see the author's or translator's name, below that the title as is named by RMNY.
Below that, there's a navigation panel, where you can choose a page of the text by folio number. Next to the drop-down list, there are small arrow buttons to turn a page back or forward.